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Requesting an Application Fee Waiver: Part 2

Earlier in the year we talked about the fee waiver we were offering to anyone who applied by November 30, 2014. That date has come and gone, and we are now no longer offering a blanket waiver. However, it is still possible to have your application fee waived.

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Requesting an Application Fee Waiver: Part 1

We get this question or some variation of this question a lot: I have x LSAT score. Can I have a merit-based fee waiver? I’m not sure I can afford the application fee. Can you help me out? I’m a Teach for America alum who wants to apply to law school now. It says on the TFA website you’ll grant me a fee waiver, is that still true?

Generally speaking, we offer both merit-based and need-based fee waivers, and fee waivers to TFA teachers and alums. Even more importantly, if you apply early on in the cycle, we’ll waive your application fee, regardless of merit or need.

That’s right, if you apply between September 15th and November 30th, we will automatically waive your application fee. That’s awesome! Why would you do that, you ask? The answer to that question is twofold. First, because we have a rolling admissions process, we encourage people to apply early on in the cycle. The earlier we receive applications, the quicker we can begin filling our incoming class. Second, applying in the fall makes our off-campus interview process run much more smoothly. Off-campus interviews fill up fast. Especially in major cities where we may have lots of alumni interviewers, but not many who can conduct an unlimited number of admissions interviews. Submitting your application in the fall means you get to interview earlier, and it also means you’re more likely to get an off-campus interview in your first choice location.

You can receive an application fee waiver by completing our short form found here. (If you misplace the direct link, check out the video Dean Lee posted on his Twitter just a few weeks ago.) The code you receive expires on November 30th. If you miss the deadline, we do have other application fee waiver options. We’ll talk more about those options once the November 30th deadline has passed. Keep an eye out for “Requesting an Application Fee Waiver: Part 2”!