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Deadline Reminders

As we approach our first application deadline of the season (December 1 — Early Decision JD program applications), now seems like a good time to remind you about some interview and application deadlines, particularly because they can change based on type of interview or specific degree program.

LSAT Deadlines: The September LSAT is the latest we will accept with an Early Decision application. For the traditional JD program, we recommend the December LSAT as the latest exam date. However, we will technically accept late applications with February LSAT scores, but due to the rolling admissions process, we do not recommend it.

Early Decision Candidates: Deadline to complete the ED application in its entirety (application, LSAT score, transcripts, LORs, and interview) is December 1. If you are applying Early Decision, you only have 10 more days to ensure that your application is complete and has been processed by our office.

More Important Dates to Keep in Mind

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