Monthly Archives: December 2016

Early decision hold

Lots of questions flooding the inbox on this topic.  Here’s a few quick hits:

  1.  Additional letters of recommendation and transcript updates should be sent directly to LSAC.
  2.  At this point in the process, four letters of recommendation are the most we will consider.
  3. Letters of continued interest should be sent via e-mail in PDF form to
  4. ED Holds will be reviewed after the ED Hold response deadline.  Nothing will go out sooner.
  5. An e-mail will go out when updated decisions are ready for release. A new decision letter will then be uploaded into the system.

As more general questions come in, we will try to update here for everyone’s benefit.  The office will be closed for the holidays (12/23-1/2).  We will be open on 1/3.

Snow Days!

Now that the cold weather and snow are upon us, here are the procedures regarding closures, cancellations, and on-campus interviews.

1.  If the University is closed, the Office of Admissions is closed.  We will contact you when we reopen regarding rescheduling.

2.  If you need to do a full reschedule (move the date altogether) due to inclement weather, please contact the admissions office to do so.  Either call:  312-503-8465 or e-mail:

3.  If you are running late due to inclement weather, also, please contact the admissions office.  We will try to work you into the schedule during office hours, if possible.  There is a possibility we may need to do a full reschedule.

4.  All updates will be posted via this blog and Twitter @tweetsbyjohann.  Please check!