Daily Archives: November 9, 2016

Online Video Do’s and Don’ts

With on-and off-campus interview slots becoming increasingly scarce, more  of our applicants are opting to conduct an online video interview.  That’s smart; it’s a quick, easy and convenient way to supplement your application.

But, after reviewing more than 1,500 online video interviews last year, the Admissions Committee has some advice for those of you who are planning use this platform.


Treat this as a professional interview and dress accordingly.  Remember, even though you can’t see us, we can still see you (and your pajamas and Budweiser t-shirt).

Practice.  This will be the first online video interview experience for many of you.  It’s a little different.  Do as many practice questions as necessary in order to feel comfortable.  The “deer in headlights” look is not good in this situation.

Make your bed.  If you are conducting the interview from your dorm room, or bedroom, tidy up a bit.  Seems basic, but we saw a lot of poor housekeeping last year.

Find a stable wifi connection.  You’ll have approximately 90 seconds to answer your questions.  Make sure we get to view your entire response.

Find a nice, quiet spot in which to conduct your interview.  You don’t want any cameo appearances by your roommate or cat.


Put your laptop on your actual lap.  Very unstable.  Trust me.

Avoid eye contact with the camera.  It’s weird.

Twirl your hair, swivel in your seat, rock back and forth…..you get the picture.  Just be conscious of your body movement, because we have no choice but to be.

Panic – relax, smile and enjoy the experience.  You got this.

Now that you are fully informed and prepared, you can request an online video interview on our website.

Good luck!