JD-MBA Program

The tagline says it all: “An accelerated, fully integrated dual-degree program for students of business and law.” Maybe not all, but it does get at the heart of our JD-MBA program. Students receive both a JD and an MBA in three years (instead of the five it would take to do each program separately), and our JD-MBA students are fully integrated into both the Law School and Kellogg communities. What does that mean exactly? You get the both of best worlds – courses with law and business students, world-class faculty members, access to both Kellogg’s and the Law School’s career strategy offices, and a global alumni network of Northwestern lawyers and MBAs.

The JD-MBA program starts in the fall of each year. Each cohort is typically made up of 25-30 students. The program begins at the Law School, where JD-MBA student take the same 1L doctrinal courses that all other JD students participate in. Students then spend their first summer and second academic year at Kellogg’s campus in Evanston. During this time, JD-MBA students complete the bulk of their MBA requirements. Second summers are spent in internships in either the legal or business fields. Students return to the Law School during their third year, though many students commute to both campuses to take classes at the Law School and further electives through Kellogg.

If you’re interested in the intersection of business and law, our JD-MBA program may be exactly what you’re looking for. For more general information about the program, check out the JD-MBA viewbook above. You should also join our JD-MBA Live Chat that will take place at 12:00 PM CST on Friday, December 12.

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